Bahareh Aref was born in 1977 in Tehran, Iran. From an early age, she discovered her passion and talent for the arts. At the young age of seven, she started creating small clay statues from her house’s garden to replicate her life’s biggest dreams.

Late at nights, under the light of a candle, Bahareh would nurture her creativity by sketching patterns on the family rugs. Years later, at the age of thirteen, she became the art teacher at her middle school and also taught art privately.

Unfortunately, during this year, the worst incident of her life, her father’s sudden death, caused Bahareh a severe mental shock. As her family’s financial situation deteriorated, she was unable to afford painting classes; thus she stood behind the classroom door to listen to the teacher. When she turned fifteen, she gained admittance to an architecture school and began a new chapter in her life. During her four years of high school, Bahareh presented some of her best work and was admitted to a national university with the highest scores.


She continued her education at Tehran college of fine arts. After immigrating to Europe, she taught art at an American international school. In recent years, Bahareh studied professional make up for Beauty/Theatre/Cinema at the Face Art Academy in Germany and stepped into a new world of art.

Throughout this journey, life’s challenges created time gaps in her artistic activities, but nothing has prevented Bahareh from growing and continuing to move forward in her beautiful artistic journey.
Despite all the difficulties she has faced, Bahareh continues to strive for growth and success. Her love for art is immense, and she believes that art has an enduring influence on the world. With her expressionist techniques, Bahareh tries to shout the unsaid from deep inside the soul of a Persian woman.